For The Moments

For The Moments

    Oct 9th, 2021

    This collection was made for those moments together.  The rainy weekends that keep restless souls indoors. The hungover mornings that never seem to end.  The long commutes home on the GO. Early brunch times that are honestly… too early. 

    These 4-piece tonal sets were made for the moments you need comfort.

    Feel at ease in relaxed silhouettes and relish in the calming effect from heavyweight garments that embody the satisfying feeling of a big hug.

    This collection is made for Sunday dim sum. 
    For hours in front of the TV.
    For roaring game nights.
    For hungover mornings.
    For walking your fluffy best friend.
    For rainy days.
    For late night eats. 
    For comfort. 

    Available in Lilac, Buttercream, and Agave